Syana's Doodle Mug

Sometimes it's all about the utensils, when talking about food to your kids. Well, it must be quite frustrating at first, when you find out that your kids is a picky eater. But wait.., after few experiment that I've done while serving a meal for Syana, I realize that she is not so picky for food after all, but more about the cutlery! For example, when I change her regular plate into fancy Hello Kitty plate, or the 'kiddo' fork with 'adult' fork (but with super dull tip), her mood becomes better, and also her appetite. Oh and she loves surprise on her plate. So I always try to do some extra treatment to avoid the picky eater syndrome, usually by let her pick her own favorite cutlery.

I stumble upon this plain mug, a wedding gift from a friend, laying untouched on the cabinet. Syana (and her dad too!) doesn't even notice until I doodle it using permanent marker, and put it on the dining table. She's so excited and immediately ask for the mug, wow what a surprise! 

Basically you can draw almost anything on a mug using permanent marker, but I love drawing dolls and kids figure so much.. ^^ For the best result use china/ceramics marker, and then bake for about 35 min with medium heat on the oven. Maybe next time I'll try to doodle on ceramic plates or bowl, with another color.

Look how happy she is, you can make one for your kids too.. Happy doodling everyone!

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