Tutorial: Foxy Rolling Brush Pouch

Lately my obsession of painting is growing into new level of collecting and comparing art tools, including paints, brushes, and papers. My latest art tools collection is two sets of brushes, the flat and round, that my father bought me a few weeks ago while I visited him with my daughter. I'm so grateful that my father is always supportive in everything I do, especially when I decided to become a full time mother and spend my spare time doing crafty things.

I'm so in love with the brushes, especially the round one. They have a fine tip, and a lot of sizes! I can't even imagine how or when will I actually using all of those brushes for painting, since all I did was just a small painting using two size of brushes, lol. So I decided to organize my brushes into one fancy pouch, a rolling type, so it will easy to carry and secure the brushes tip from damage. 

Here's the tutorial, a very first one, hope you don't mind for the huge watermark on the photograph because I've seen so many people using someone's photograph and tutorial they found on the internet and selling a book out of it. I think it's horrible way to make a living, and I hope we will learn to respect someone's ideas, and support their creativity by giving them credit for their work.


  • 1 fat quarter of grey linen fabric
  • 1 fat quarter of white cotton canvas fabric
  • 1 yard elastic
  • 1 yard white bulky cotton thread
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Water (for paint)


  • Needle and matching thread
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Scissor
  • Sewing pin
  • Painting kit (Pallette, brushes, tissue)


1. First prepare two fat quarter fabric, grey linen and broken white cotton canvas fabric.

2. Pin the elastic on the right side of canvas fabric, adjust the position according to the size of your brush. You can trim the elastic and the fabric too if your brushes is shorter.
My daughter insisted to put her Lego near the fabric so they will captured in the photograph too Lol... She was accompany me all along in this photo session while playing her Lego, and sometimes she messed up with the scene just to see even a slightly unpleasant expression on my face.. Maybe she find out that upset face is funny ^^.

3. Sew the elastic vertically to create row to attach the brushes. You can handstitch it or using sewing machine. I prefer handstitching, so I can do it anywhere, even outside, while my daughter playing.

4. Set aside the canvas fabric, now we're going to paint the fox head pattern using acrylic paint. First create two adjacent leave shapes using small brush with white acrylic color. You can choose the length of each pattern. Here I prefer a bit wide space and less crowded, at about 11/2'' wide apart, and 3/4'' length, fox head diameter is about 3/4''.

5. Continue painting until the fabric filled with the pattern. Let dry for a few minutes. 

6. After the white paint dry, now we will add orange color using smaller sharp point brush. Create a curved 'V' shape for the ear and nose. Let dry for a few minutes.

7. Draw small dot using permanent marker for the eyes and nose tip. Let dry for a few minutes.

7. After finish the painting, now we're going to sew the fabric together. Align the linen and canvas fabric forward facing and pin. Leave a few inches for opening. Use 1/2'' seam allowance, sew around the edges and leave the opening. Then turn fabric inside out through the opening, iron with low heat, and close the opening using slipstich.

8. Fold half and sew the (middle length) cotton thread on the center side of pouch edge. Now you can roll it up and wrap the thread around to secure it. Happy crafty sunny day all ^^.


  1. Looove this idea; very creative of you to come up with this and thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Windy, hope you're inspired.. :)