Sleepy Mermaid Pouch

One day my daughter asked me to draw her a mermaid, and I'm so excited to draw it because mermaid is one of my favourite character too. Then I suddenly came up with the idea of making pencil pouch, since my drawing tools seems exponentially increasing in the past few weeks, and my older pencil case is full with my sewing tool (which is rapidly growing too :-p).

I was so glad to see how pleased she is even with a very simple mermaid sketch. But then she can't even wait for a minute to color (with drawing pen too!) the mermaid face, aaawww! Luckily I've scanned it immediately before it happen, hohohooo...lol.

A few days later I retouch the mermaid sketch with photoshop, then transfer it to canvas fabric. Here you go, a brand new pencil case for me..Have a great sunny day all!

P.S. Now my sleepy mermaid is available at society6 as art print, tote bag, stationary cards, throw pilllow, wall clock, Iphone case and skin, and laptop skin. Check it out now!

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