Tuffadoll's New Design: I Love Vespa

It's been a while since my first design on Society6, and now I'm back! :p So, it's a dolly girl riding vespa with her cat, how cute is that? Hehe.. I'm so excited to draw a Vespa, even though my drawing is far from amazing fine detail like it should be, but I remember it shape just like I remember my own face.. really?? Well, not that detail, but my father has been a huge fan of Vespa for as long as I can remember, so we were riding a lot when I was a kid.

I love the shade of vintage Vespa, a dusty old turquoise, that reminds me the old time when riding a Vespa is a must in our neighborhood..haha.. Well, time has changed but some people just can't let go off their old style, don't you think?

I think for my father, Vespa is not just a ride, it's a pride. So how about you? Do you love Vespa too?
This design is available at my Shop on Society6, check it out now!


Embroidery Roses Skirt and Hat

Last year I'm so addicted with hand embroidery. I was like, embroidering everyday and can't stop thinking about new embroidery project for Syana's clothes. This skirt is inspired by a Japanese embroidery book. I'm using cream cotton fabric and brown embroidery floss. This skirt is super easy to make and look so cute on Syana ^^

Look how excited she was, and the first time she saw the skirt, she was amazed with the embroidery. She tried to pull the the embroidery floss off, because she thought it was glued or something..lol. It took me about three days to finish this skirt and hat, embroidery really takes a lot of patience. So what do you think? Hope you're inspired. Have a good day! ^^ 


Sketching Elsa

I love Frozen, and as always, Disney have made imagination came to life! Elsa is my favorite character, but I try to add a little bit of my style in it.. *eh?.. Happy sketching all! ^^ 


Little Black Polka Dress with Hat for Syana

I made this dress when Syana about 2 years old, she's always excited to try new clothes. It makes me even more excited to make her a new one, lol. This dress made of Japanese cotton fabric, with cotton flowery bias tape, and pearl embellishment. She loves the hat so much, and still using it till now (it's been almost two year!).

Granny Bag for Mom

I made this last year for my Mom. Actually she's kind of a picky about wearable, but I think she like it (despite the fact that I'm her daughter and she's just being nice to me lol). Granny bag is quite simple to make, and maybe someday I'll make the tutorial for you.. Ooouch, 'someday' sounds like I'm not committed to really making it, but noooo, I really mean it.. :D