Granny Bag for Mom

I made this last year for my Mom. Actually she's kind of a picky about wearable, but I think she like it (despite the fact that I'm her daughter and she's just being nice to me lol). Granny bag is quite simple to make, and maybe someday I'll make the tutorial for you.. Ooouch, 'someday' sounds like I'm not committed to really making it, but noooo, I really mean it.. :D 

I crochet a pink flower lid and attach crystal button for the closure. Well, actually crystal is not my style, but my Mom kind of 'bling-bling' mania, so I add extra for this bag :) 

This is the different filter pic, showing better 'real' color of the bag. So what do you think? You can make some for your family and friends too.. Happy crafty day guys!

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