Tuffadoll's New Design: I Love Vespa

It's been a while since my first design on Society6, and now I'm back! :p So, it's a dolly girl riding vespa with her cat, how cute is that? Hehe.. I'm so excited to draw a Vespa, even though my drawing is far from amazing fine detail like it should be, but I remember it shape just like I remember my own face.. really?? Well, not that detail, but my father has been a huge fan of Vespa for as long as I can remember, so we were riding a lot when I was a kid.

I love the shade of vintage Vespa, a dusty old turquoise, that reminds me the old time when riding a Vespa is a must in our neighborhood..haha.. Well, time has changed but some people just can't let go off their old style, don't you think?

I think for my father, Vespa is not just a ride, it's a pride. So how about you? Do you love Vespa too?
This design is available at my Shop on Society6, check it out now!

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