No, The World Doesn't Need To Be Saved

Finally the rain season is coming. But I still can't forget that the last few months has been the worst days for people at sumatra and Borneo. As we've all heard on every news, the smoke from burning forest suffocated more than forty billion people there, and also we've know already that they burned down the forest for palm oil factory.

You know what doesn't make any sense for me? They have burned one of the richest and largest rainforest in the world, one of the most complex ecosystem that have been evolved for a billion years to sustained every living organism there, including human, the people, yes us! It gives whatever we need, water, oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, just whatever we need for living. And more importantly, rainforest have a crucial role for its ability to help regulate global and regional climate systems. The worst news is, that once it burned, they gone. You can't just burn down a forest, and hoping that yesterday it will grow back as good as new. Not in our life span of course. It might takes a hundreds or even a thousands of human generation, until the forest grow a succession and back to the sustainable ecosystem.


Wonderleaves Tote

It's been a while, finally I have time to write again.. Not to mention taking photograph and editing, which is a serious time killer lol :D So, I make this custom order tote with my drawing that I've posted at Society6 few months ago, Wonderleaves, a leaves pattern that originally have grey color.


Party Dress for Syana

Last week was a busy week for me and Syana, since we had two wedding ceremony and the whole family member is gathered, not to mention the super excited kids with the scream and high pitch voices..hahaha.. what a wonderful family, I'm so thankful to be a part of it :)


Anime Frame Bag

Hello there, it's been a while :)
Last month we were busy for Eid mubarak at Lampung and my brother engagement at Bandung. Well, then the best moment for this whole year is a wonderful holiday at Lampung, Jakarta, and Bandung.. Syana was super excited, haha! Finally we are home now, and it feels like forever since my last update in this blog.


Lovely Tote Bag

Hello there, how's your holiday going? Here at Lampung, I spend most of my time sewing bag with my grandma's vintage sewing machine. I took me a few days to catch up the rhythm of the foot pedal, but it's so much fun to finally sewing without any electricity at all! Hehehe.. going green life style surely took a lot of effort, don't you think? But it's really worth it :)


Fly Me To The Moon Bag

It's been a busy month for me and my little family, and we're now visiting my parents at Lampung for celebrating Eid Mubarak together. Syana is super excited to meet her grandparents, as she talked repeatedly about how fun our last trip to Lampung last year. I was surprised how well she memorized so many moments with her grandparents, but she seems a little confused about the concept of time. She often missplaced the word 'yesterday' with 'tomorrow', or 'long ago' with 'yesterday'. But still it's so much fun to hear her talking and making up stories ^^


Mini Mushaf Roses Pouch

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan.. ^^

This is the most beautiful month of the year, the holy month, where there's so much love and joy to cherish with family and friends. I decided to reduce my sewing and drawing activity, and spend more time for pray and teach syana more short Surah (Juz Amma). I hope this month I can give as many kindness and goodness as I can, stays positive, and learn to appreciate my life better, and others too.


I love Vespa Shoulder Bag

Finally, after long Mermaid bag fever, I can move on to my other design! Hahaha! (evil laugh ^^) I made this design a few months ago, and posted it to my society6 shop. So, this is my favourite one, because it seems that all my family member, even Syana, loves Vespa! My father have two vespa and he's been riding it everyday, for as long as I can remember. Last year when I visited my parents at Lampung, Syana was so excited with the vespa :)


Mickey Mouse Red Dress

Hello there..
It's been a while since I posted last dress sewing project for Syana. A few weeks ago she asked me Mickey Mouse dress, and mickey ear heandband. I had this red polka cotton fabric and pink cotton lace. So I decided to make this simple dress for her.


Designing My Business Card

Hello there, It's been a while..

I currently designing a new Tuffadoll pin and my own business card.. As my business growing, and I wish Tuffadoll's customer and fans will alway remember me by keeping my business card..hehe..^^


New Sleepy Mermaid Bag Design

Hi there.. I'm making new design for my Sleepy Mermad bag. It's bigger and sturdier.. I'll update photos of the detail soon.. Have a good day all ^^


Sneak Peek: My latest Drawing Project

I made this sketch a few weeks ago, a girl reading so many books with her cat. As usual, I inspired by Syana and her increasing curiosity of books and music. She's now obsessed with letters, numbers, and she'll always try to read everything that has letter on it.. It's so much fun to see such a huge spirit of learning, she's not even 4 yet! She's now able to read some short words such as her own name, family members name, labels, and spells long letters correctly. So much improvement these past few months.. :))  


Lovely Linen Wallet

It's been almost a week since Syana had flu, with mild fever for two days.. She's now cough a lot and very fussy..*sigh* I guess every mother in the world have this very same experience, and thinking that way somehow makes me feel better :) Then, despite all the flu chaos,  I decided to take another small project that is fun to do on this weekend to cheer me up...hehehe ^^


Acrylic Handprinted Pouches

Hello there.. It's been a while since I post my last sewing project. This is a sneak peek of my current small project with Syana, a hand printed pouches! Lately I'm a little bit bored sewing so many bags and Syana now addicted to watercolor and paint..So I decided to do this project with her ^^


Sketching Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is soooo cooool, she's my favorite character on japanese anime called Fairy Tail. The story is amazing, and the characters is very inspiring. Very recommended to watch! This sketch is unfinished, and I will never be able to finish it, because soon after I took this picture, Syana put some chocolate finger-stamp on it... hahaha, I was just be like "oh..it's ok" with a bitter smile, lol.. 

So, what do you think? Have a good day all.. ^^  


Little Red Riding Hood Printed Doll

Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite character, ever since I read the book years ago when I was a child on my father's English fairy-tale book. I'm in love with this cute little dolly girl with red hoodie cape, carrying a basket of bread for her grandma.. what a sweet little girl and an amazing story.. ^^


Sleepy Mermaid Tote Bag & Handbag

Again?? Hahaha, please don't get bored just yet, because I'm just finished the bag pattern and now the bag is availabe for purchase. It took me quite long time before finally I decided to sell it, because it's a new experience for me (which is why I'm so excited :D ), and I did all from scratch by myself.. fiuuhh.. that's a long long journey.. From the first time I drew the mermaid sketch, scan and edit it on PC, print it on fabric, cut it out, designing the bag, making pattern, selecting materials, sewing it, taking pictures, upload it, making label, design the packaging, and another unmentioned step which is quite time consuming, and here we go, the bag is now availabe.. Alhamdulillah.


Fly Me to The Moon

When I was a child, I remember laying on my grandma's porch in the afternoon, almost every afternoon, just watching the sky and wondering. My grandma has a big backyard with a lot of big trees and chickens. I remember the air and the breeze was so fresh, the sun was so bright, and the sky was so blue. It was very dark at night because electricity was a fancy thing at that time in my neighborhood. Because it was dark, the moon and the star was so bright and the night was so quiet. It's a very beautiful memories, and I'm so glad to have it. I hope Syana will have a beautiful memories too when she grown up :)


Embroidery Pouch and Placemat

I love embroidery! Especially designing and drawing embroidery pattern. It's so much fun :) For me embroidery is a relief when I'm feeling blue, and also to enjoying my time when Syana is sleeping. Embroidering when she's awake is a baaad idea. I've tried once, and ended up with crazy embroidery floss messed all over the house. It took me forever to collected and separated each color strand of the floss, but still it was an amazing experience with her lol.

The green embroidery doll pouch and the chef embroidery place mat was made for craft swap event at IIHC group on facebook, about a year ago. I'm using cotton calico fabric and polka dot japanese cotton fabric, and flowery cotton fabric for chef hat and bowl applique. These project is full handsewn, because I don't have sewing machine yet at that time. 

So, what do you think? Do you love embroidery too? Please share here if you're inspired. Have a good day all ^^v


Mermaid Handbag and Wallet

Lately I've been busy making pattern for my bag and wallet project. I'm trying to make handbag that have a perfect size (at least for me :p) and drawing bag pattern is surprisingly so much fun ^^.
So this is the first prototype, and there's some parts and measurement needs to improved. This bag will be available at my shop soon. Have a crafty new year all ^^