Embroidery Pouch and Placemat

I love embroidery! Especially designing and drawing embroidery pattern. It's so much fun :) For me embroidery is a relief when I'm feeling blue, and also to enjoying my time when Syana is sleeping. Embroidering when she's awake is a baaad idea. I've tried once, and ended up with crazy embroidery floss messed all over the house. It took me forever to collected and separated each color strand of the floss, but still it was an amazing experience with her lol.

The green embroidery doll pouch and the chef embroidery place mat was made for craft swap event at IIHC group on facebook, about a year ago. I'm using cotton calico fabric and polka dot japanese cotton fabric, and flowery cotton fabric for chef hat and bowl applique. These project is full handsewn, because I don't have sewing machine yet at that time. 

So, what do you think? Do you love embroidery too? Please share here if you're inspired. Have a good day all ^^v

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