Fly Me to The Moon

When I was a child, I remember laying on my grandma's porch in the afternoon, almost every afternoon, just watching the sky and wondering. My grandma has a big backyard with a lot of big trees and chickens. I remember the air and the breeze was so fresh, the sun was so bright, and the sky was so blue. It was very dark at night because electricity was a fancy thing at that time in my neighborhood. Because it was dark, the moon and the star was so bright and the night was so quiet. It's a very beautiful memories, and I'm so glad to have it. I hope Syana will have a beautiful memories too when she grown up :)

Every time I watch the sky, since I was a child, I always wondering what's up there.. Why it feels so good to see the blue sky, why it is so vast and empty, why can't I just jump and fly like a bird and butterfly, and why can't I touch the clouds. I always thought that the cloud is a giant fluffy cotton candy, and wondering if I can sleep on it and eat it too.. haha, that would be so much fun :D When I finally grown up, I started to learn few things, but still never get those questions answered.

One day I wake up with a horrible nightmares, that the sky is not what I think it is anymore. I remember it was at the night of the first day I fly as a flight attendant on one of the aviation company in my country. I see the sky is a very dangerous place to work, well maybe it was the airplane, but then I realize that's why we were born without wings. We just can't handle the sky as we did very well on the ground. Storm could happen anytime and anywhere. There's no more fresh summer breeze, it's a deadly wind with up to 200 mph, and even the beautiful clouds can caused worst turbulence and the airplane will bumping like crazy. The worst thing was that I have to feel it everyday. But it's over now, Alhamdulillah :)

Whatever happen, happens. But the sky still my favourite to wonder about anything, literally anything :D. I love astronomy and meteorology book so much and I'm so happy that Syana seems interested too. She asked her father to buy her a telescope, she said she wants to see the bigger moon and the stars..lol. 

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Thank you so much for reading, and hope you're inspired. Have a beautiful day everyone! ^^

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