Sketching Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is soooo cooool, she's my favorite character on japanese anime called Fairy Tail. The story is amazing, and the characters is very inspiring. Very recommended to watch! This sketch is unfinished, and I will never be able to finish it, because soon after I took this picture, Syana put some chocolate finger-stamp on it... hahaha, I was just be like "oh..it's ok" with a bitter smile, lol.. 

So, what do you think? Have a good day all.. ^^  


Little Red Riding Hood Printed Doll

Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite character, ever since I read the book years ago when I was a child on my father's English fairy-tale book. I'm in love with this cute little dolly girl with red hoodie cape, carrying a basket of bread for her grandma.. what a sweet little girl and an amazing story.. ^^


Sleepy Mermaid Tote Bag & Handbag

Again?? Hahaha, please don't get bored just yet, because I'm just finished the bag pattern and now the bag is availabe for purchase. It took me quite long time before finally I decided to sell it, because it's a new experience for me (which is why I'm so excited :D ), and I did all from scratch by myself.. fiuuhh.. that's a long long journey.. From the first time I drew the mermaid sketch, scan and edit it on PC, print it on fabric, cut it out, designing the bag, making pattern, selecting materials, sewing it, taking pictures, upload it, making label, design the packaging, and another unmentioned step which is quite time consuming, and here we go, the bag is now availabe.. Alhamdulillah.