Little Red Riding Hood Printed Doll

Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite character, ever since I read the book years ago when I was a child on my father's English fairy-tale book. I'm in love with this cute little dolly girl with red hoodie cape, carrying a basket of bread for her grandma.. what a sweet little girl and an amazing story.. ^^

I made this doll using cream cotton fabric, and print the design using transfer paper. I like the shiny look by the transfer paper, and the fabric becomes a little bit thicker after transferred with iron. The doll posture will look sturdier and shaped well when stuffed. I made this design originally for my embroidery project, but then I decided to print it using transfer paper because lately I've been busy doing my bag and wallet project, and embroidery is off my to do list right now.. lol

I love the shade of mint and cream, together with red and warm choco-brown. It makes me feel warm and cool at the same time.. But still, my drawing seems lack of detail and color shade because I always in a rush when drawing on computer. I did it when Syana was sleeping, because when she wake up, the computer will be hers.. hehehe ^^

So what do you think? Thank you so much  for reading, hope you are inspired.. Have a good day all ^^

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