Sneak Peek: My latest Drawing Project

I made this sketch a few weeks ago, a girl reading so many books with her cat. As usual, I inspired by Syana and her increasing curiosity of books and music. She's now obsessed with letters, numbers, and she'll always try to read everything that has letter on it.. It's so much fun to see such a huge spirit of learning, she's not even 4 yet! She's now able to read some short words such as her own name, family members name, labels, and spells long letters correctly. So much improvement these past few months.. :))  


Lovely Linen Wallet

It's been almost a week since Syana had flu, with mild fever for two days.. She's now cough a lot and very fussy..*sigh* I guess every mother in the world have this very same experience, and thinking that way somehow makes me feel better :) Then, despite all the flu chaos,  I decided to take another small project that is fun to do on this weekend to cheer me up...hehehe ^^


Acrylic Handprinted Pouches

Hello there.. It's been a while since I post my last sewing project. This is a sneak peek of my current small project with Syana, a hand printed pouches! Lately I'm a little bit bored sewing so many bags and Syana now addicted to watercolor and paint..So I decided to do this project with her ^^