Acrylic Handprinted Pouches

Hello there.. It's been a while since I post my last sewing project. This is a sneak peek of my current small project with Syana, a hand printed pouches! Lately I'm a little bit bored sewing so many bags and Syana now addicted to watercolor and paint..So I decided to do this project with her ^^

It's a rain season here at Batu, and Syana always ask me to draw or paint her a cloud, water, small circle, or anything about rain. So we were paint a rain and kids theme pattern on linen fabrics using acylic, and I cut and sew it into small zippered pouches. I added a little bit of shimmer and glitter on the paint, and she's so happy to see it sparkling.. :D

She loves the glitter paint so much, it sparkling all over her face..lol ^^ Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend for you there!


  1. Dapat yg inikah?? Woow...ada crta dibalik pembuatannya...suka..sukaa...thank you Astrid & Syana too...your imagination become mine soon...^^..

    1. Iya kak Irai.. ^^ Sama-sama, Thank you so much for your kind words.. ^^