Lovely Linen Wallet

It's been almost a week since Syana had flu, with mild fever for two days.. She's now cough a lot and very fussy..*sigh* I guess every mother in the world have this very same experience, and thinking that way somehow makes me feel better :) Then, despite all the flu chaos,  I decided to take another small project that is fun to do on this weekend to cheer me up...hehehe ^^

So, this is my dream wallet, really.. I mean, sewing wallet that have thick and sturdy shape is very tricky, and of course sewing the bias binding even more challenging than ever :) But finally yesterday I decided to tried this wallet patern from one of my Japanese sewing book, with a little modification with the curve edges and the closure lid. 

This wallet outer is made of high quality linen fabric design by Cosmo and Yuwa. Very beautiful design and I love the vintage shabby look of the linen texture. I'm using a genuine cow leather and stripe cotton bias tape. The inner pocket is made of canvas fabric. I choose canvas instead of cotton fabric because it's thicker and stronger, and the most important is that canvas fabric have a good durability to be use as wearable. I'm also not a fan of interfacing.. actually I kinda hate the smell and the ironing part, which is time consuming and consider Syana is not feeling well, so canvas is the best choice. :)

This wallet have a huge size, it's 4.3x8 inches (folded), you can take everything on it..lol. Syana said that a she wants a wallet too, hahaha.. She was so cute tried to help me out with the bias binding, but of course ended up with messing the thread (again) :))

So what do you think? Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy you're weekend there..
Oh, this wallet is available for purchase, mail me at tuffadoll at gmail dot com.  Have a good day all ^^


  1. Nice post it is.

  2. A wallet must be comfortable and easy to handle, with time it has become a way to give a style statement. Linen fabric is awesome material for stitching anything from wallet to shirts. It is also used for stitching bags, purse, pencil box etc. It is optimum choice for the people having a hectic schedule as it is relaxing and don’t need much care.