Sneak Peek: My latest Drawing Project

I made this sketch a few weeks ago, a girl reading so many books with her cat. As usual, I inspired by Syana and her increasing curiosity of books and music. She's now obsessed with letters, numbers, and she'll always try to read everything that has letter on it.. It's so much fun to see such a huge spirit of learning, she's not even 4 yet! She's now able to read some short words such as her own name, family members name, labels, and spells long letters correctly. So much improvement these past few months.. :))  

Despite of her curiosity of reading, she keep asking me to get her cat as a pet. But I think it'll hard to manage my time between sewing, drawing, cooking, housekeeping, and taking care of pet. I keep thinking that having a pet is like having a new child, in a different way, but the same responsible of course. They're alive, need to keep alive, need attention and love, and of course in a healthy way. Maybe one day when she's a little older and able to take care of her own pet :)

Syana also loves to hear piano instruments. But not that excited to plays the piano itself. Maybe she's not yet interested, but I hope she will. I'm trying to teach her a few notes of her favorite song, but she keeps rambling around the piano keys and giggles for the funny sounds, hahaha.. I guess the thing is if she have some fun, that's what counts.. :)

As usual, she's excited to "participate" in my sketch..hehehe, maybe this sketch won't last long too..lol. 

Thank you so much for reading, and happy drawing for you too.. ^^

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