Mickey Mouse Red Dress

Hello there..
It's been a while since I posted last dress sewing project for Syana. A few weeks ago she asked me Mickey Mouse dress, and mickey ear heandband. I had this red polka cotton fabric and pink cotton lace. So I decided to make this simple dress for her.

The Mickey Mouse applique is made of felt fabric, printed using transfer paper. I chose not to directly iron on the fabric, because transfer paper has a poor durability for daily wear, especially when it washed by washing machine. 

I'm using the scale pearly button, the mini size one. I looks so cute on a petite dress, and I love the pearly and shiny glows. The white cotton lace might suits better for this dress, but unfortunately I only have this pink lace. But since Syana love this dress so much, I guess she's not yet concern about the color combination, haha.. I guess it's the beauty of being toddler, all about something new and having fun.. lol ^^  The Mickey's ear headband is made of black carton paper, just create two pairs of adjacent circle on black carton paper, and glue on the headband.

She was super excited, the first time she saw this dress.. I'm so happy to see her honest expression every time I make something for her. This is why no matter how hard I've been through, I'll always do my best for her. Haha, every mother in this world must be agree with me, aren't they? 

Soon as I get my sewing assistant, I'll make the pattern and tutorial for this dress. Thank you so much for reading, and have a nice day! ^^ 

P.s. Mickey Mouse character is copyrighted to Disney, and I'm not selling this clothes, pattern, or image of this character. 

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