I love Vespa Shoulder Bag

Finally, after long Mermaid bag fever, I can move on to my other design! Hahaha! (evil laugh ^^) I made this design a few months ago, and posted it to my society6 shop. So, this is my favourite one, because it seems that all my family member, even Syana, loves Vespa! My father have two vespa and he's been riding it everyday, for as long as I can remember. Last year when I visited my parents at Lampung, Syana was so excited with the vespa :)

I print this design on canvas fabric via Shrelo, a textile design and printing service located at Jakarta. It's quite costly, but the image is transferred precisely and sharp on the fabric, and the best thing is no more bleeding, smearing, cracking, fading, or uneven color! Highly recommended for you to try ^^ ( Note: this review is 100% based on my personal experience as Shrelo customer). I used to transfer my drawing using transfer paper, and the result is not permanent, poor durability for daily wear, and the color will fade or cracking.

This bag is a custom order from my sweet friend and neighbor, called mbak Ave ("mbak" means sister in javanese). She wanted a detachable insulated pouch to keep her breast milk that she collected during work stay fresh. I can never imagine how hard it must be, since breastfeeding thing is a super challenging and takes a lot of patience, but I'm sure she'll do her best for her son, as you and all working mom all over the world will do too :)

As usual, Syana will always follow the camera, hehehe.. My husband help me took these photos last week, and Syana keep annoyed him by placing her finger on the bag, pull the white backdrop, and giggle out of nothing..lol.  

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great time with your family too.. Have a happy sunny day all! ^^

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  1. Hai mba, terima kasih atas rekomendasinya ya. Saya akhirnya jadi rutin cetak di Shrelo nih :) Sebelumnya saya cetak di tempat lain, di Tangerang dekat rumah. Sepertinya masih baru tempatnya, instagramnya dan iklannya bagus. Pas cetak gambar saya jadi gelap semua dan bayang-bayang. Saya komplain dicuekin :'( Lalu saya coba cetak di Jakarta Barat. Sudah jauh-jauh, katanya bisa ditunggu. Sampai sana tidak sedia kain. Tiga hari lagi saya datang bawa kain. Cetakannya gagal dan bleber di mana-mana. Lalu saya dapat referensi dari teman satu almamater ke Jakarta Pusat. Ya ampun mbaa... itu lebih parah lagi. Ukuran maksimal cuma A3, nunggu lama, warnanya pudar banget kayak kurang tinta dan garis-garis. Akhirnya di forum jahit saya baca posting mba. Awalnya penasaran karena ga pernah tuh pesan cetakan online. Awalnya ga percaya. Coba pesan di Shrelo Print Tekstil, ternyata bagus hasilnya, nggak bleber, nggak pudar, dan warnanya tidak gelap. Kanvasnya juga bagus banget buat crafting. Layanannya juga cepat. Saya pesan subuh, besoknya sudah sampai di rumah. Terima kasih Mba Mona.