Fly Me To The Moon Bag

It's been a busy month for me and my little family, and we're now visiting my parents at Lampung for celebrating Eid Mubarak together. Syana is super excited to meet her grandparents, as she talked repeatedly about how fun our last trip to Lampung last year. I was surprised how well she memorized so many moments with her grandparents, but she seems a little confused about the concept of time. She often missplaced the word 'yesterday' with 'tomorrow', or 'long ago' with 'yesterday'. But still it's so much fun to hear her talking and making up stories ^^

This Ramadhan, I made a few custom bag for my friends. I've received so many bag request, but unfortunately I can't accept them all at once. It's because I don't have sewing assistant yet, and my time for Syana is significantly reduced if I accept too much order every month. I wish I could sew faster, but then again, for me the quality is more important than the quantity. 

Fly Me to the Moon is the illustration I made a few months ago (FYI, if you're not following my blog). You can get the art print and many fancy products printed with this Illustration at my Society6 shop here. I decided to make a shoulder bag, with cotton webbing strap embellished with genuine leather on it. I'll try to make another design next month, maybe a backpack or a framed purse would be cute :)

The bag consists of two zippered pocked and two slip pocket. The size is approximately 34x32x11 cm, with metal push-lock closure. I made one for myself with polka dots fabric for lining, Syana said she wants one too, hehehe :) 

Considering the durability and the strength of the bag, I'm now using only canvas fabric (for outer), Japanese cotton fabric (for inner), and genuine leather for my bag. The fabric is fully interlined and the zipper head is a customized leather of Tuffadoll's signatures. 

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy Eid Mubarak for you there. Taqobbalallahuminna wa minkum, Shiyamana wa Shiyamakum. Ja'alanallaahu Minal Aidin wal Faizin. May Allah accept our deeds, and may Allah make us the winner of this Ramadhan. Inshaallah ^^


  1. Wow fantastic job on this bag! I absolutely love the color scheme and design. SO cute! How do u get bags like these made with your custom artwork? One place I know of that does bags and such for artists is marvel press. You can see all the bags they do here