Mini Mushaf Roses Pouch

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan.. ^^

This is the most beautiful month of the year, the holy month, where there's so much love and joy to cherish with family and friends. I decided to reduce my sewing and drawing activity, and spend more time for pray and teach syana more short Surah (Juz Amma). I hope this month I can give as many kindness and goodness as I can, stays positive, and learn to appreciate my life better, and others too.

I hope this Ramadhan, I can remove any bad feeling in my heart. I always find it difficult to forget the feeling of bad memories. For me, forgiving is not as hard as forgetting, or letting go of bad memories that hurting my heart so much. I have so many friends, but not so many best friends. Maybe it's because I can't easily forget any bad things my friends did to me. I've tried so hard to do my best at friendship, as I getting older, I've learned how to behave and not to hurt anyone's feeling. But unfortunately, the reality is harder than the ideas of friendship itself. Feeling and thoughts have no boundaries, no rules applies to it, and the similarity of human appearance outside is not resembles the heart and feeling in the inside. 

When I was a child, I confused when I saw people smiling to person they hate, laughing while they're sad, praising what they don't like, and lies more than they can count. As I grow older, I see that to maintain a relationship, sometimes we need to sacrifice our true feelings, put a fake smile, and lies whenever we have to. People says it's because we have to, not because we want to. But I keep thinking, although it's not about the lies and fakeness that we want to, there's always something we need behind every actions that we take, therefore life is always a matter of choice. 

Heart, regardless of what you have or how you look, is the only thing in the world thet describes who you are. The Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said: 

” أَلا وإِنَّ فِي الجَسَدِ مُضْغَةً إِذَا صَلَحَتْ صَلَحَ الجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ وإذَا فَسَدَت فَسَدَ الجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ أَلا وَهيَ القَلْبُ.“ رواه البخاري ومسلم.

Remember that in the body there is a lump of flesh. When a lump of meat was good, (then) let the whole body. And if a piece of meat is bad, (so) Evil entire body. know, a piece of meat that is the heart. " [HR al-Bukhari and Muslim].

I believe that we must do as our heart feels right, and the more we ignore it, the more it change, and the more we loose our humanity. It's the heart that makes us human, unlike any living thing in this world. So will you save your heart too with Islam and do your best to be good moslem? Inshaalah, and I'll do my best to.. ^^

So, enough for the serious talk (lol), lets go back to my sewing project now :p This month I decided to make a few small roses pouches with pocket mushaf Al-Qur'an in it, to share with my neighbours, families, and friends. The small mushaf is special because it's contain Asbabun Nuzul, hadiths and tafsir about women. I made 5 color and fabric combination, and two types of pouches design.

Unfortunately, I took these pictures just before I sent them, and the camera's battery is low. So I missed the chance to take the mushaf picture and the whole pouches itself. I'll make sure the battery is full for the next time photoshoots, haha.. Oh, and FYI, this pouch is super easy to make, and I hope next month I can make more and share the tutorial for you ^^

Thank you so much for reading, and please forgive me for all of my mistakes.. Taqobalallahu minna wa minkum, minal aidin wal faizin.. Happy fasting for you my dear friends ^^


  1. moco ceritone kebayang awakmu mesam-mesem kaku koyok plembungan ate mbledos :D Putting a mushaf inside the pouch seems like putting roses in an empty vase.

  2. Alhamduliilaaah..setelah sekian lama jadi silent reader, akhirnya km dapat hidayah untuk komen di blog ku mas Sop.. Hehehe :-P

  3. cantik banget.
    *berhadap tutorial bergambar.
    terimakasih :) :)

    1. Makasih mbak Annisa ^^
      Inshaallah nanti dibuat tutorialnya ya..stay tuned ;)

  4. Cantik sprti yg bikin ya.... berapa mbak?
    Tertarik juga sama label nama nya deh mbak. Bikin dimana ya... suwun mbak.. salam kenal

  5. Iiiiihh cantik buanget mbak..
    *berharap ada tutorialnya ������