Lovely Tote Bag

Hello there, how's your holiday going? Here at Lampung, I spend most of my time sewing bag with my grandma's vintage sewing machine. I took me a few days to catch up the rhythm of the foot pedal, but it's so much fun to finally sewing without any electricity at all! Hehehe.. going green life style surely took a lot of effort, don't you think? But it's really worth it :)

My mother asked me a comfortable big shoulder bag, to carry almost everything, including umbrella, with her. That was a very hard request, because we know that no matter how big a woman's bag, it'll never big enough to fit all the enormous stuff we wish to carry around..hahaha :) So I decided to make her a nice fancy big tote using my shabby roses linen fabric, combined with brown canvas and genuine leather. 

Tote is one of the easiest bag to make, but suddenly it becomes super hard to just sewing a tote using the vintage sewing machine, hehehe.. I wonder how hard the old times must be, when they wanted to make such a complex embroidery project or a patchwork bag. A lot of energy and time to spent just for this little things called hobbies :D

I'm using the Japanese cotton fabric for lining. The bag consist of one slip pocket at the front, one zippered pocket at the back, two slip pocket and one zippered pocket in the inside. The flap and handle is made of brown cow leather.

So what do you think? Hope you're inspired, and have a wonderful weekend for you there! ^^

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