Party Dress for Syana

Last week was a busy week for me and Syana, since we had two wedding ceremony and the whole family member is gathered, not to mention the super excited kids with the scream and high pitch voices..hahaha.. what a wonderful family, I'm so thankful to be a part of it :)

I made this dress last week for Syana and her cousins, actually it was made out of the fabric scraps from bridesmaid's dresses that I wear for the wedding party. When I was a child, it feels so weird to put on a heavy make up and matching dresses for the whole family members (even the babies!), but now I feel more excited because I can sew the dress by myself and my daughter always love every dress that I've made for her..again, I feel blessed to have a wonderful family, and I hope you too..Alhamdulillah :)

The dress is a simple V-neck dress, with big ruffle skirt. The top is japanese cotton fabric, and the skirt is a satin velvet fabric. The beautiful flower headband and brooch is made by my dear sister in-law, she's making handmade ribbon flower, beautiful broochs, and girl's headbands. Syana loves the headband  so much, and the brooch too, which is actually mine!:D

I really wish to make the tutorial for this dress, but it takes a lot of time to take the pictures and write the sewing instructions. I promise the tutorial for the Mushaf Pouches that I've posted a view months ago, and it still in progress now! Ohhh.. sometimes I can't believe how slow my sewing and drawing project is moving, but I keep telling myself that it's fine because I'm making progress..hahaha.. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day too.. ^^  

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