No, The World Doesn't Need To Be Saved

Finally the rain season is coming. But I still can't forget that the last few months has been the worst days for people at sumatra and Borneo. As we've all heard on every news, the smoke from burning forest suffocated more than forty billion people there, and also we've know already that they burned down the forest for palm oil factory.

You know what doesn't make any sense for me? They have burned one of the richest and largest rainforest in the world, one of the most complex ecosystem that have been evolved for a billion years to sustained every living organism there, including human, the people, yes us! It gives whatever we need, water, oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, just whatever we need for living. And more importantly, rainforest have a crucial role for its ability to help regulate global and regional climate systems. The worst news is, that once it burned, they gone. You can't just burn down a forest, and hoping that yesterday it will grow back as good as new. Not in our life span of course. It might takes a hundreds or even a thousands of human generation, until the forest grow a succession and back to the sustainable ecosystem.


Wonderleaves Tote

It's been a while, finally I have time to write again.. Not to mention taking photograph and editing, which is a serious time killer lol :D So, I make this custom order tote with my drawing that I've posted at Society6 few months ago, Wonderleaves, a leaves pattern that originally have grey color.