No, The World Doesn't Need To Be Saved

Finally the rain season is coming. But I still can't forget that the last few months has been the worst days for people at sumatra and Borneo. As we've all heard on every news, the smoke from burning forest suffocated more than forty billion people there, and also we've know already that they burned down the forest for palm oil factory.

You know what doesn't make any sense for me? They have burned one of the richest and largest rainforest in the world, one of the most complex ecosystem that have been evolved for a billion years to sustained every living organism there, including human, the people, yes us! It gives whatever we need, water, oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, just whatever we need for living. And more importantly, rainforest have a crucial role for its ability to help regulate global and regional climate systems. The worst news is, that once it burned, they gone. You can't just burn down a forest, and hoping that yesterday it will grow back as good as new. Not in our life span of course. It might takes a hundreds or even a thousands of human generation, until the forest grow a succession and back to the sustainable ecosystem.

If you wonder why I make such a negative title this time, is because I really think that the world doesn't need to be saved. Whatever humans have done to this earth, even the worst that we can ever imagine, I believe that nature will find it's way to survive, to keep the equilibrium, a balance of the ecosystem that supports living organism for generations, no matter how slow, and no matter how worst the damage. But unfortunately that amazing surviveability is not in a human scale. We need a certain, even a very specifics condition for living in this world. We need a certain short range of temperature and humidity, certain sunlight intencity, an atmosphere, clean air with centain gas composition, a certain nutrition, we can't live under water, we can't even drink saline water. Oh and that certain condition, we need it now. We can't even last for five minutes without oxygen!

Let's just say, human is like a premature baby in a giant incubator called the planet earth. It seems that we are "designed" not to leave the earth. Imagine that the Earth itself is like a complex machine, that works with certain law and composition. And I belive that every living thing in this planet, even the tiny virus and bacteria, is represent one part on the giant machine. Once they're gone, the machine will not work as the same again. The earth itself as a smart magic machine, will find a way to keep working without the loosing component, but for us, will it still support our lives if the damages are getting worst? So which one is worth saving? The human race or the earth itself? For me, the answer is obvious, I wan't my daughter, and maybe my future grandchildren, to live peacefully and happily in this planet.

The Earth is our home. And now, this is our only place to live and die, to laugh and cry, to love and beloved, and maybe the only place to find the answer of human greatest question for every generation, the meaning of life, conciousness, and our existences. You can start exploring the sky, you can hope that we might have a second chance in another planet, or maybe even a better planet among the galaxies. I even have a hope that someday and somehow, human will be able to make a technology that can make a space and any planets human friendly, just because we're smart enough to figure it out :D

But don't forget that we have something even more important to taking care of. We already have an amazing planet, we have an amazing civilization, let's not giving up a hope just because some greedy evil villain trying to destroy our planet. I will not giving up, and I know you too. We can have a better future, and our children deserved a better future. Let's works as hard as we can, and study even harder, to be a better person, and to understand how to live with our heart and brain. We have only one chance to live in this world, but once is enough if we do it right.

I think this is the first time I write about what I've learn years ago at college LOL. Thanks again for reading, and don't forget, say no to palm oil and it derivative products. 

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