What a Wonderful World

This is my little brother Arif, I make this sketch about a year ago
Hi there, it's been a while..

These past few months has been hard for me and my family. So many unfortunate things happen, and we've been struggling so much to get back to our feet. When I'm sad, I suddenly remember, that I've spent most of my teenager time to think about magical things like time, space, fate, & destiny. I kept thinking whether or not, every single thing that happen in my life has been predicted, even a single blink of my eyes, and a tiny hair that falling off my skin? What about every thought and everything goes in or out of my mind, is it truly free, as I can think of anything I want and no one will hear it? I keep thinking that this life is too wonderful to be a coincidence, too amazingly complex to be popping out of exploding atom as the big bang theory said, or even too suddenly advance to be originated from Oparin's primordial soup, and even the relativity of time that countable by Einstein's equation often feels so different in every situations. Do you believe in numbers, or believe in your feelings of your very heart? Then why do you think we are deserve to be measured by numbers, for years we've spent at school, and think that it's a fair educational system for the rest of our life? Yes I hate schools too, to be honest. But I love Biology and Physics so much :p.