Bee Cross Stitch Mini Purse

Cross stitching is one of the most epic time killer in the kingdom of craftiness, which means I have so many unfinished cross stitch projects and I don't know when or how to finish it.
Then I remember making this cute little bee on a small piece of leather. I decided to use it as a bag flap, and combine it with canvas fabric to make small crossbody bag.

I'm using silver and gold metallic embroidery thread, and cotton thread for the black. I love how beautiful the metallic thread reflects the lights, and the vintage look on uneven brown color leather. I think I'll try another metallic color and try more complex design for the bigger bag project. 

Although it looks so pretty, cross stitching on leather actually is a very bad idea haha! The metallic leather will frayed so easily when continously pulled against the leather. I tried to make it softer using a little bit of a beeswax. But still, leather is hard and rough, so the thread will always be frayed eventually.  

I stitch the leather flap directly on canvas body of the bag, and attach a turn keylock to secure the flap. Actually the body of the bag is smaller than I expected, that makes the hand-stitching becomes harder. I can't put the bag on stitching pony, and I have to use my left hand to hold the flap, and right hand to pull the needle. Too much effort for this tiny little purse, don't you think? :p

Although it's hard, leather embroidery is so much fun, and the result is so beautiful. I definitely do it again for another bag project. I even think about making more embroidery bag to sell at my shop. But I guess I have to work harder to make bigger bag and bigger design. 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy your weekend with your loved ones. Have a bright sunny day for you all ^^

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