Pink Backpack for Syana

It's been a while since I make a bag for Syana. She is growing so fast, and now have her own style and favorite stuff to wear. Last year she asked a pony trolley backpack, just like her friends.
So basically, now she thinks that her mom's handmade is kinda out of style. Well I guess I have to try harder to sew a bag that fit her style now, don't you think?

I have pink waterproof fabric that I've bought last year. I was going to make a school bag for Syana, when she suddenly asked that pony trolley backpack. So I made her this cute mini backpack last week for vacation to the beach a few days ago. She was so excited when I told her that this bag will not get wet in the inside even if it's rain or get splashed by sea water. 

This backpack is very simple, just a square body with small flap and zippered pocket outside. The interior is lined with the same waterproof fabric, with one big slip pocket and two bottle pocket.

It's so hard to get picture of Syana smiling towards the camera now. She was so upset when I started taking picture of her. Then I said to her that I just took the picture of her bag, not on her. She said I can take the picture of her from behind, but not her face. Haha..she's so funny and cute! I remember myself when I was a little kid, I was so shy and I always hiding from a camera :D

I hope I can make a tutorial for this cute little backpack for you too. Have a wonderful weekend for you all ^^ 

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