Sharpie Purse Tutorial

Hi there, it's been so long since my last post. I've been through so much journey this new year, I mean the last 3 month of 2017 (I'm still thinking it's a new year lol).
I had misscariage, and I also spent 2 weeks at hospital for Typhus and Dengue Fever. But Syana is fine, in fact she's doing great with her grandparents and that's the most important thing to keep my spirit up ^^.

So, I decided to make this tutorial during my recovery time. I want to share joy and happiness of drawing with you, which is one of my favorite thing to do. I try to make a simple design, so you can make it for a weekend project with your daughter, or your student, or maybe as a gift for your loved one. Ok then, let's get started!

First, you need Sharpie marker, at least 3 different color, and one of it should be dark grey or black for tracing the line. I'm using 18 cm square metal frame, a half yard of natural linen fabric, and a matching thread. To transfer the design on the fabric, you need a carbon paper and pencil.

Download my illustration here. Print on A4 paper. You don't have to resize it, since I made it fit for 18cm frame purse (but you can get creative and resize it as you want, and make it for another project). Place the carbon paper between linen fabric (bottom) and the paper. Secure it with masking tape. Then start tracing it, until the whole image is transferred onto the fabric.

The transfered image look a little bit blurry, so you can now trace the line again with Sharpie marker. You can use black or dark grey.

Now you can start coloring the image as you like. I'm using three different color of Sharpie here. But you can go crazy and using as much as color as you like. Or maybe using paints or another medium, that would be so much fun!

I like the style of a classic manga look, or a vintage drawing in a natural linen. But with a new and fun style like adding a pink hair and cute kitty. Well to be honest, I think I just draw anything that come up on my head, lol. Which is sometimes came up random, or based on my memories of manga that I like to read, or mostly about Syana's activity.

Now after we finished coloring, it's time to sew the bag. I assume that sewing frame bag is very easy to do, so I'm not explaining much of the small detail of basic sewing here. Just sew the outer piece (with the interfacing) together. Sew the bottom corner to create volume, and then turn it right side out.

Now sew together the lining piece together, leave small opening at the bottom. Then wrap it on the outer piece, and sew the upper side together.

Now turn it right side out from small opening at the bottom of the lining. Now you can start attach the frame.

You can use any frame you like, and you can draw it on any bag you want. Don't forget to share your creation with me, give hash-tag #tuffadollpattern for every creation that you make with  this tutorial  :)

Ps. You can sell the purse that you made using this tutorial, and use it for your own workshop (but with your own photos) and any bag project you like. All I ask is, please mention my name and link to my blog or Tuffadoll website as the original illustrator and creator of this pattern. But, you cannot reproduce this original tutorial and illustration and sell it, without my permission. Thank you so much for your appreciation ^^

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