Kitty Folded Purse Tutorial

Hello everyone! This time i want to make a mini tutorial for my current favorite folded purse. You can make it for yourself or your beloved one :) I chose to use linen fabric and cow leather for the outer, and suede for the inner. Let's get started!

Materials and tools:
  • 1 yard linen fabric
  • 1 yard suede
  • cow leather
  • 1 pc 2cm D ring 
  • 1 pc 2cm lobster hook
  • 5 pcs 1cm rivet
  • 40 cm metal zipper
  • matching threads
  • leather glue
  • cutter knife
  • scissor
  • sewing machine

Cut the suede in two 41cmx34cm rectangle. Suede fabric usually available in a few different thickness. I choose the thin on, since I don't like the bulky effect of the thick suede. But you can choose any kind of fabric that you like, it's a matter of taste.

Cut the leather according to the picture above. You can choose any leather you like. Mine is a pull up leather with a smooth chrome finish.

Cut the linen fabric as the picture above. Cut an additional two 4x8 cm rectangle for both end of the zipper (sorry I forgot to take the pics). You can choose any kind of linen you like. Mine is Japan line fabric by Kokka. I'm in love with the design, and I love cat too! lol

First, sew the linen and the leather together, and then sew the zipper alongside the inner suede.

Sorry for the poor stitches and poor lighting. It was a challenge for me to take a picture while sewing. I was working on a few other bags at a time, so I always in hurry. But I'll do my best to make another good tutorial next time :)

Now fold the bag, and attach the ring and hook with the leather strip according to the picture above. 

Sew the small rectangle of leather above the strip. You can also use some glue, to make the leather stay in place while the rivet being attached.

Now we're going to make a leather tassel, using the 8cmx12cm rectangle. Draw the line according to the picture above, you can use marker or leather pen. 

Now cut the line with sharp cutter. Cut 1cm higher for the left line, and fold it above to make a small loop hole.

Glue and roll the tassel. Now you can attach it anywhere you like on the purse. I put it together with a small rectangle leather piece, stamped with Tuffadoll logo.

Now you can use the purse for any occasion. Now that it's Ramadhan, you can also make a matching purse with your dress for the Raya day. That would be so much fun. 

Hope you like it, and see you next time. Have a wonderful day for you all ^^

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  1. I appreciate it. This blog is very useful. Thanks for all ur tuto ;)