My latest illustration: Moon Lady

Have you ever wondered why human is the only creature on earth that have the ability of deceiving? As much as I'm afraid of snake and all other reptilian out there, sometimes I wish that people I interact with is as simple as them. A cold blooded predator who have no other intention than to eat you and be straight about it without faking a smile. To be honest, I'd rather be with people who clearly hate me, rather than being with people that pretend to love me. Don't you think that this life would be so much easier? 

I guess that would be the beauty of life. The art of survival of every creature in the world, the ability to fit even in the deadliest environment. Sometimes the only way to survive is to deceive others. It's sad, but it's the reality. It's the nature of our existence, to fight for our live. But what is the meaning of life if it's just a series of lies and deceit that we play over and over again for the rest of our life? 

I believe it's a choice. A bitter choice that we have to fight everyday between right and wrong. An ambiguous priority that drives us crazy. But then again, it's so amazing to see that human is the only creature in this world that have the ability to do a hypocrisy, the highest level in the art of deception. When the  feeling in our heart doesn't really matter anymore.

So what do you think? Is it a bless or a curse? Sometimes if wish I could fly to the moon, away from everything..

Ps: My latest illustration is available as printed laptop tote for pre-order now at my webstore


Jasmine Pink Flower Bag & Scarf Set

Yes it's pink, flowery, and rose gold! I know that this super girly and sweet taste might come from the baby girl inside me, but who can resist pink flower for a beautiful day right? :) I don't think I've ever make sweeter bag than this, and the matching scarf makes it even sweeter. I feel like 10 years younger now! Lol

To be honest, the bag design is not that original, because I recently love Celine bag so much then I decided to make one :p I'm using printed waterproof canvas for the pink flower illustration, and beautiful soft pink vegetable tanned leather for the bag exterior. I prefer the rose gold coated metal hardware, instead of antique brass hardware that I used to, for this bag. It gives more feminine touches and luxury to the bag.

I made pink to cream ombre color for the scarf. The pink side has a soft cream polka dots and big flowers, while the cream side has small flower buds and leaves illustration. I printed the scarf on high quality sateen fabric (satin Hermès). I love the soft silky texture and luxury shine of the fabric. It's also durable and has a beautiful vibrant color. 

Enough for the bags and Scarf for a moment :) So my pregnancy is 34 weeks now, I'm super excited to start making more handmade baby stuff. I keep gathering ideas and fabrics, but I don't think I have enough time to sew. Since my last miscarriage, I have to reduce my physical activities that requires heavy labor. Including sitting too long in front of the computer, cooking, cleaning house,  and also gardening. It's pretty much everything right? Hmm I guess I have to be patient and put my pregnancy as first priority now :) 

While I am reducing my daily activities now, my husband seems trying to handle everything by himself. Unfortunately he's now at 2nd semester of his master degree on Computer science. Therefore he can barely even have a proper sleep at night! Everyday he have a lot of task and presentation slides to be prepared for the next day, and he also have to keep up with the office schedule! 

Well, I guess there's some point at this life when we seem loosing our control over time. When there's a lot of going on, and we're not fast enough to keep up with the pace. It's very easy to start something new, but the hardest part is to keep it going in a progressive state and keep up the good mood to get better every day.

Syana is almost 7 now, and she's going to Elementary school this year. She's graduating from her kindergarten in a few months, and she seems thrilled. I, on the other hand, don't have as much excitement thinking about how fast she has grown up, and how easy the time goes by without a chance of going back.

I feel awful when I remember how busy I am sometimes with Tuffadoll, and my time for Syana is significantly reduced day by day. Then I decided to took a break last year for Syana, as I realized that I only have one chance to be her mom and I'll do my best, especially at her age when she needs me more than anyone and anything else.

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me. I know I have to try harder to be a good one, and I know you too :) Thanks for reading, and have a good day! ❤️


Tuffadoll Bag and Scarf Series

Alhamdulillah, I'm so thankful of all bless that Allah SWT has given to our family. I'm 7 month pregnant now, and the baby is healthy, Alhamdulillah :) Syana is more excited than ever! After my last pregnancy and miscarriage last year, I hope this time she can finally have a little brother/sister that she alwas wanted :D 

Adeline Bag and Scarf Set

So last month I decided to take another step further to make Tuffadoll's products more exciting. It's a scarf and bag set with matching flower pattern! How cute is that! ^^ For me who wearing hijab for my daily activity, having a fancy matching scarf and bag is a one of the biggest mood booster in a bad day, lol. I'm seriously addicted with how fun making the matching bag and scarf, and I've come with so many amazing ideas. But then I've decided to lunch 3 different sets, and open a collective pre-order on Tuffadoll Facebook Page. I'm quite surprised for the amazing positive feedback, and Alhamdulillah so many Tuffadoll's customer really loves it. I can't wait to make another design! ^^

I made 3 first design for this set; Adeline, Tigerlily, and Gemma. Adeline is a peach poppy flower illustration with mint green leaves on a black background. For the bag's design, I was inspired by Gucci handbag. Very simple yet sophisticated design, that suitable for many occasion. I'm using black Italian leather and durable Sateen Polyeser printed fabric.The black and peach color give amazing contrast, makes it suitable for day or evening ocation. It also easy to combine with so many dress color.
Tigerlily Bag and Scarf Set

Tigerlily is animal fur pattern, that I mixed up with khaki background color. I love the elegance color palette, with the caramel brown leather that makes it a perfect combination for every look. To be honest, I'm not the kind of super stylish with bold animal pattern matching suit kind of woman, but I do like animal pattern in an elegant way :)  

There's so many color to match with neutral tone. So Tigerlily really is a winner for uncountable possibilities outfit to match. I was so excited to use it for so many different occasion, and I I'm in love with the simple yet roomy bag design.  

Gemma Bag and Scarf Set
Gemma, is a abstract pattern consist of red, silver, and gold with navy color background. Many of Tuffadoll's customer asked abstract and dynamics pattern which give modern touch to the leather. So I decided to make backpack instead of handbag for this one. This bag is so lightweight, easy to carry, and also super stylish. It doesn't have as many as possible color combination as neutral color, but still can be combined with many bold and contrast color to brighten up rainy day ^^

Finding a perfect leather fot the bag is one of the hardest challenge for me. There's so many kind of leather with different quality to choose, since I decided to make it cost effective to make more affordable but high quality leather bag, I make the bag on medium size. But I think the point is not to produce as many bag as I can and sell it all in a lower price. Handmade is about making something precious that worth to keep and to enjoy for a long time. To make sure that every detail is perfect, and to make something with passion and love. I hope I can keep my spirit up, because sometimes it feels so hard to keep up the idealism with facts that so many mass products from China's Factory flooding the market with low quality fake branded bag for unbelievably low price. The fact that people loves cheap products, makes many handmade maker having a hard time to continue they passion into a serious business.

I've been through this few hard years trying to build a small business with passion and love. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to give up. But then suddenly a few satisfied customers texted me, said that they love their bags and it is the best handmade bags that they ever have. Feels like I;m over te moon :D So if you asked me whether or not it is worth to keep this small handmade business with a  few customers and a seriously hard work, I definitely would say YES!

The production of this first batch of Tigerlily bag was delayed because the leather took quite long time to be prepared. It rains almost everyday here, makes it difficult to sun-dried the leather in a short time. But I'm so pleased wth how the bag turned out. It's looks so pretty and perfectly neat. The leather is delicate yet durable,  I hope it last forever. More importantly, I hope my customer loves it and wear it proudly everyday ^^

You can pre-order the bags and scarves at www.tuffadoll.com. You also can make it csomized as you like. So I hope you inspired, and have a wonderful day for all of you there ^^