Jasmine Pink Flower Bag & Scarf Set

Yes it's pink, flowery, and rose gold! I know that this super girly and sweet taste might come from the baby girl inside me, but who can resist pink flower for a beautiful day right? :) I don't think I've ever make sweeter bag than this, and the matching scarf makes it even sweeter. I feel like 10 years younger now! Lol

To be honest, the bag design is not that original, because I recently love Celine bag so much then I decided to make one :p I'm using printed waterproof canvas for the pink flower illustration, and beautiful soft pink vegetable tanned leather for the bag exterior. I prefer the rose gold coated metal hardware, instead of antique brass hardware that I used to, for this bag. It gives more feminine touches and luxury to the bag.

I made pink to cream ombre color for the scarf. The pink side has a soft cream polka dots and big flowers, while the cream side has small flower buds and leaves illustration. I printed the scarf on high quality sateen fabric (satin Hermès). I love the soft silky texture and luxury shine of the fabric. It's also durable and has a beautiful vibrant color. 

Enough for the bags and Scarf for a moment :) So my pregnancy is 34 weeks now, I'm super excited to start making more handmade baby stuff. I keep gathering ideas and fabrics, but I don't think I have enough time to sew. Since my last miscarriage, I have to reduce my physical activities that requires heavy labor. Including sitting too long in front of the computer, cooking, cleaning house,  and also gardening. It's pretty much everything right? Hmm I guess I have to be patient and put my pregnancy as first priority now :) 

While I am reducing my daily activities now, my husband seems trying to handle everything by himself. Unfortunately he's now at 2nd semester of his master degree on Computer science. Therefore he can barely even have a proper sleep at night! Everyday he have a lot of task and presentation slides to be prepared for the next day, and he also have to keep up with the office schedule! 

Well, I guess there's some point at this life when we seem loosing our control over time. When there's a lot of going on, and we're not fast enough to keep up with the pace. It's very easy to start something new, but the hardest part is to keep it going in a progressive state and keep up the good mood to get better every day.

Syana is almost 7 now, and she's going to Elementary school this year. She's graduating from her kindergarten in a few months, and she seems thrilled. I, on the other hand, don't have as much excitement thinking about how fast she has grown up, and how easy the time goes by without a chance of going back.

I feel awful when I remember how busy I am sometimes with Tuffadoll, and my time for Syana is significantly reduced day by day. Then I decided to took a break last year for Syana, as I realized that I only have one chance to be her mom and I'll do my best, especially at her age when she needs me more than anyone and anything else.

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me. I know I have to try harder to be a good one, and I know you too :) Thanks for reading, and have a good day! ❤️

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