Unity in Diversity

My latest illustration, called Unity in Diversity

I wish I can say something sweet and philosophical about the story behind this illustration, but I'm afraid I can't. For me it's just too dumb and wrong in so many ways. Yes it is -racism- and always will be, one of the worst idea in a history of mankind. 

Unity in Diversity, original sketch pencil and ink on paper

Ideas is like a diseases. It's spread quickly and infecting our mind, and sometimes we don't even realized it. Once it's stick, it stays forever like a growing mold, getting stronger and expanding until it takes over our brain. This tiny droplet of idea now became an ocean, followed by millions of man, to become a new common sense in their daily life. That's how racism, and any other stupid ideas started to ruin human society, just like a cancer in our body. 

Unity in Diversity, printed & framed

It's in our nature to have different preferences of anything. We have different taste of style, different opinion about how to live our lives, even different point of view to see problems. I agree that we should speak up our mind, and freedom of speech is a must. But that doesn't mean that we can let anything goes into our mind, and leave dirty ideas to infect our soul and senses.

Unity in Diversity Bucket Bag

When I was i child, until I'm about 16 at high school, I often bullied by other kids in my neighborhood. They said that I'm a Chinese and I shouldn't live in Indonesia. I should go back to China, they said. Just because I have relatively lighter skin color and a hooded eyes, they immediately said that without hesitation or even consider for my feeling. Regardless of the truth, that I think I have no Chinese ancestor in the family tree for a few generation back then. Sadly, most of them was just a little kids. It's an age when they will copy anything in their surrounding, just like a sponges absorb every drops of water and spill it anywhere and anytime it's squeezed. I was really sad.

I love bucket bag for it simplicity, easy to carry, and very stylish for any occasions
The part that hurt me the most was not about the bullying, but how in the world such a horrifying ideas like racism is easily planted in an innocent child mind, and the adult doesn't even care enough to notice it. Or maybe they notice, but since it's the common ideas in the community, they consider it as true.

Short handle for hand bag style

For me, honestly, it doesn't matter if you don't like how the Chinese looks, or if you don't like the looks of anyone who have different skin color from you. We have our preferences, and that's fine to have certain feeling about it. What matter is the willingness to respect a differences, and see that diversity is a necessary properties in our life that should treat equally and fair for every human being. Always remember, that it's our differences that makes us complete each other. That's the kind of ideas that we should teach to our children.

This bucket bag is made of genuine leather and printed waterproof canvas fabric

This is our big responsibilities as a parents, and as a human being of course, who live in -probably- the only inhabitable planet in this vast empty universe, to give our children and the next generation an understanding of how important the role of diversity for the sustainability of the entire human race.

The drawstring is designed to align two sided, makes it easier to open, with two different adjustable handle, reversible to wear it as a sling bag and hand bag
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